The hospitality industry is a people industry and it is the people in your teams that make your venues unique and provide the customer experience, but in today’s economic climate is this enough?

Successful financial performance is key to not just survival but to be able to invest in your venue and services to maintain your market share.  Customers have become more ‘savvy’ to our industry and you need a sales and marketing team who are negotiating the ‘best business’ whilst meeting client expectations.

Our range of sales, marketing, PR and Ecommerce services has been created to offer anything from an audit of your sales and marketing to assisting you with bespoke project work.  Our audits provide you with a trusted analysis of your current activities and recommendations to build into your strategic sales and marketing plans.  By contrast our bespoke project work provides a ‘one to one’ hands on approach to work with your sales and marketing teams.

With over 25 years in the hospitality industry across four and five star hotels, academic venues, dedicated conference centres and unusual venues, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

In challenging business times having an external appraisal of your sales and marketing could be key to refocusing your team on delivering the commercial aspects of your business.