Academic Venues

Oomph Sales and Marketing have specific experience within the Academic Venues sector, so we understand the importance of balancing the pro active commercial sales approach to win business with the academic aims of the University to ensure harmony.

Corporate companies are seeking academic venues to partner with,  to demonstrate their business ethic to support communities, not for profit organisations and provide a qualitative learning envoronment for their training programmes and events.  This is complemented by the association and charity sectors who continue to see the value of academic venues to service their requirements.  We also have extensive knowledge of the International Summer School business on both government and private programmes.

When it comes to your internal University business, we can advise on a number of strategies to engage with the Faculties to deliver key academic led conferences and forums to your campus.

Whether your venue has year round facilities or summer only capacity, we can assist you in creating successful sales and marketing plans, recommend the right organisations to partner with to position your venue with your target audiencs, establish effective Ecommerce and social media, help develop a proactive sales and event team and ultimately to deliver the potential revenue attributed to the MICE markets within the Academic Venue sector.

  • Commercial activity within an academic   environment
  • Market segmentation that will work with your facilities
  • Understanding your internal client   requirements
  • Maximising your external client potential
  • Working with your internal departments who   are in contact with the corporate market place
  • Positioning yourself within the industry to gain the right business for your facilities
  • Third party relationship marketing
  • The role of the agency for generating business
  • Becoming part of the right professional organisations
  • Summer Schools – gain your market share – sharing this lucrative revenue stream with internal departments