We all know that Sales is the key to business success and here at Oomph Sales and Marketing we have a range of services to assist you every step of the way.

For new businesses, we can come onboard pre opening and help build your proactive and reactive sales teams, then work alongside your team coaching and mentoring best business practice and supporting the first few months of your business.

We will always bespoke our services to your requirements and work with your suppliers.  Topics we would discuss with you could include:

  • The brand and the customer
  • Sales office processes, procedures, audits and SOP Manuals
  • Business mission and objectives
  • Sales presentations and bids
  • Business plans
  • Research and telesales
  • Sales delivery plans and financial target
  • Competitor benchmarking and value proposition
  • Assist in employee selection, job descriptions and induction training programmes
  • Research for future development on market trends, creating your market share and identifying new markets

For existing businesses, there is great value in embarking on our Business Sales Audit to provide an external critique of your sales departments processes and procedures.  Are they following your SOPs? Do you need to review your USPs? Are your key sales team good negotiators or great negotiators? Do your proposals give you the winning edge?  All this and more will be covered in our sales audits, our concept is that you choose which aspects of our audit you would like completed.

Audit Options

  • Enquiry handling, competitor awareness
  • Forecasting your business
  • Proposals, standard communications and converstion to business on the books
  • Understanding your market analysis
  • Your SOPs reviewed against your teams activities
  • Third party partnerships
  • Business USPs – how do they stack up to your competitors?
  • Social media
  • Benchmarking your competitors –  your loss is their gain
  • Where are you today – where do you want to be in 6 months – take me on the journey
  • Do your sales team fully understand their financial targets and expectations?
  • The guest experience – how well are your team performing to your customer needs?
  • Proactive versus Reactive sales activities
  • Is your website showcasing your venue as a great sales tool?
  • Revenue Management

The audit will include a detailed report along with suggested actions for short, medium and longer term activities to enhance your business performance.